Meet Gamor

Name: Gamor Troll title: The Giggling Gamer Goblin Characteristics: LOVES gaming - PlayStation, Xbox, pc, phone or tablet, he doesn't care, he'll play them all!!! Smells like: Crisps and fizzy pop Favourite food: Tangfastics, pringles and energy drinks Favourite song: Everything is AWESOME!!! by JoLi

How to recognise a Gamor

Gamors are naughty little jinxsters, they used to be normal gamers just like everyone else, but they got caught up in their virtual world for so long that they totally mutated into giggling gaming goblins. Their favourite game is Fortnite, where they can just run around destroying people and griefing them. Griefing is when another player delights in just running around causing havoc and being nasty to people, basically causing them grief. Gamors have totally forgotten that the other players inside the game are real people with real feelings, this makes them think they can say and do whatever they like and it doesn’t matter. Gamors never know when to stop with their banter.


How to deal with a Gamor

Tell a trusted adult if something or someone ever makes you feel upset, worried or confused. This could be if you or someone you know is being bullied online. There are lots of people who will be able to help you like your teachers, parents, carers. You can also contact Childline by calling 0800 11 11 or visiting

Gaming should be a fun and enjoyable. Playing online brings a whole new social element to gaming. There are a lot of positive things about gaming. But sometimes it’s another place where cyberbullying happens. This can look like other gamers insulting, harassing or excluding you. 

There are several ways to deal with a Gamor:

  • If someone attacks you or mocks you online, don’t respond or retaliate. That’s what they want. Block and mute them! 
  • Take a break for a little while.
  • Stop playing with people who bully others.
  • Turn off in-game chat. In some games you may be able to remove one player from the chat, check out your options.
  • Lock your profile down so that other players online can’t see it.
  • Report them.  Most online games let you report abuse or submit a report.
  • If someone is clearly ‘griefing’ the other players, pause the game and remove them, or start a new game without them.
  • Hate speech is when someone attacks another player because of their race, colour, religion, gender or sexuality. Hate speech is taken very seriously by gaming companies and is a bannable offence in a lot of games code of conduct. Many gaming platforms offer advice and ways to report this kind of online bullying. 
  • Depending on the game, if there are moderators be sure to report any threats that are made to you.
  • Remember, Gamors don’t know who you are, and the mean things they are saying they would say to anyone. They don’t see you as a ‘real’ person, just a name on a screen. None of the things they say are true. The simplest way to stop them is to switch off – you have all the power!

How to stop yourself becoming a Gamor:

We all engage in a bit of friendly ‘banter’ with our mates from time to time but do you know when to stop?

Banter can be described as playful teasing between friends, usually an equal and generally funny exchange. Whether it’s at school, at home between siblings or in the locker room, there will always be comments thrown around in jest.

It also has a tendency to escalate. Sometimes it goes too far and quickly moves from being friendly, light-hearted fun, to offensive and straight up mean. Even worse, some people may experience actual bullying which is passed off as banter. Because it often starts as a ‘joke’ you may not even notice that this is the reason the other person is getting upset. Try to stop and think how you’d feel if someone was making these comments and jokes about you. Other people may be laughing but that doesn’t make it ok if it’s hurting someone’s feelings.