Troll toons

If you’ve enjoyed our book Peril of the Possessed Pets, then you’ll love these amazing cartoons from Rival Animation.

The cartoons follow the adventures of Freddie, Lin, Ryan, Oscar, Cleo, Ollie and Jay as they encounter our disgustingly dastard trolls online – and learn how to defeat them.

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Episode 1

Bully Gets Busted

Tormentor is up to his old tricks but Billy knows how to beat the online bully.

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Episode 2

How to be Instaglam

Can Instarr convince her fans that Spludge is the secret to being as beautiful as her?

Episode 3

Stay safe online

Remember that the internet should be a fun place to learn, play and meet up with friends. If you’re worried or unsure about something that happens online then talk to an adult you trust who will be able to help you.

You can also find out more ways to stay safe online, and defeat those lurking trolls, by looking at our I Need Help section.